Philosophy of Research

To achieve the most from my research, and in line with my broad philosophy, I believe the following are important:

What is the question being asked by the research program? Is it important to more than just you?

It is very important to identify what communities are interested in the question; and then set out your research and output in such a way that the question and answer are understood by the community and contribute to the community in some way.

Does the research contribute to some practical goal?

For me, my research needs to contribute to the areas that I value most. I am fortunate that a significant amount of my research looks at social constraints of society arising from socio-economic status.

Has the research employed the correct methods?

Research method must be such that the results are dependable. It is also very important to adequately support all claims.

How best to disseminate the knowledge gained thought the research.

My first priority as a researcher was to target quality international journals in the field. However, as I grow into the role I feel that, while targeting quality journals is important, which journal is also important. Further, other avenues of dissemination are also important including reports to government and chapters in books which are targeted at important readerships. As an example, my publication in the journal ‘Higher Education’ led to an invitation to speak at a National conference on education. An abstract to a conference led to an invitation to present to an economics department at Kiel University in Germany.